GREEN CABOR is a liquid-calcium-based formula, complexed with organic acids and enriched with amino acids. It contains special dispersants and adherents that ease the spraying and penetration of the fertilizer; as a consequence, micronutrients are better absorbed.

GREEN CABOR improves the nutritional state of the plants and favours soil structure stability. It facilitates sugars transportation through the membranes and it stimulates the normal growth of the plants. Moreover, it favours the optimal development of processes like pollination, flowering and fruit setting, among others.

prevents the appearance of split or spongy fruits, apical rotting, necrosis in leaves and fruits, floral abscission, etc.

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  • Actively contributes to the formation of the membrane and cell wall.

  • Helps the establishment of meristematic tissue.

  • Improves the translocation of calcium within the plant.

  • Increases the density of the fruit, increasing the quality and post-harvest attributes.