GREEN MANGAZINC is a formula with high concentrations of zinc and manganese. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.

GREEN MANGAZINC is recommended for preventing and improving zinc and manganese deficiencies. It increases the vitality of the plant, making it more resistant to possible illnesses. It stimulates its growth and development as it favours several enzymatic processes.

improves the photosynthesis process. It encourages the formation of secondary roots as well as the transformation of nitrogen into readily assimilated forms.

With GREEN MANGAZINC, the development of the plants is optimal, minimizing the decreases of yield.

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  • Avoids and corrects deficiency states of manganese and zinc.

  • It stimulates the growth and development of the plant.

  • Participates in the development of chloroplasts.

  • It takes part in the synthesis of chlorophyll and stimulates photosynthesis.