AGRI nova Science

AGRI nova Science is a company specializes in research, manufacturing and distribution of plant nutrition products.

AGRI nova Science makes superior quality products available to farmers through its distributors. Thanks to innovation, farmers in more than twenty countries have managed to significantly increase the productivity of their farms.

One of the fundamental pillars of the company is research. Thanks to its R+D+i department, AGRI nova Science has been able to adapt its products to the needs of farmers and thus offer a better service.

From the beginning, AGRI nova Science established the Total Quality System. This system consists of the continuous improvement of its products through exhaustive controls that are carried out on a daily basis. In addition, it has had a maxim and is respect for the environment, being periodically audited by independent experts.


Compliance with high quality standards through strict process management.


With more than 50 products.


AGRI nova Science products are found in more than 20 countries through affiliated companies or local distributors.


Through a professional team of engineers and technicians willing to advise correctly on the handling of the products.


Offering a complete service of attention and support to our collaborators.


With an R+D+r department in charge of the necessary adjustments to meet your demands.

Quality and environments politics

AGRI nova Science’s mission is to research and create products so that the farmer can get the most out of his farms.

AGRI nova Science’s vision is to be perceived within the plant nutrition sector as the ideal ally, not only by its end customer but also by its suppliers and distributors.

The management of the company considers as basic principles of its management, the performance of its activities with a high level of quality, which allows to ensure the obtaining of results according to the client’s needs.

This integrated policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality and environments objectives.

The VALUES, guide of actions and behaviours of AGRI nova Science are:

  • Excellence, AGRI nova Science’s goal is excellence in every way.
  • Innovation, through its R+D department, it seeks to innovate every day in all the products it researches and markets.
  • Trust, Much of AGRI nova Science’s success lies in mutual trust with its customers, distributors, and all of its employees.
  • Adaptation, thanks to constant effort, AGRI nova Science has been able to adapt to the situation of each of its clients and offer them a tailored service.
  • Leadership, that people feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day.
  • Products, environmentally friendly and guaranteeing food safety.
  • Social responsibility, helping to produce more food that meets the growing nutritional needs of the population..
  • Pollution prevention, through the continuous improvement of the management of packaging placed on the market, of waste, as well as of atmospheric emissions.
  • Observance of compliance with legal requirements and those others to which AGRI Nova Science subscribes.
  • Continuous improvement of quality and environmental management.
  • Zero tolerance for the concurrence throughout its organization of conduct constituting sexual harassment or harassment based on sex.

To this end, we promote a management culture based on the quality of our activities, the safety and health of our workers, and environmental protection, acting within the context and considering the expectations of the relevant stakeholders.

The manager, 24/11/2022

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