GREEN CALCIO makes up for calcium deficiencies, as it is complexed with organic acids and enriched with amino acids. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.

Calcium is an essential nutrient for plants, as it plays an important role in nutrients absorption and in the development and growth of the plants. It can be found in vegetal tissue cell walls and it is transported mainly through xylems. Calcium availability is directly related to plant transpiration rates.

GREEN CALCIO favours the stability of the membrane and numerous metabolic processes. It neutralizes toxic organic acids that are produced in cellular breathing. Its formula prevents fruit split, apical rotting, the appearance of necrotic spots and the fading of foliar apexes, among other physiopathies.

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  • Greater assimilation and mobility of calcium.

  • Increases the firmness of the fruit, increasing the quality and post-harvest properties.

  • Strengthens the structure of the cell wall and membrane.

  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiency states.