GREEN CALCIO ZINC provides essential nutrients for the growth and development of plants.

Calcium is an element that is found in the cell walls and on the inner surface of the plasma membrane, being transported mainly by xylem. The availability of calcium is directly related to the transpiration rates of plants.

A boron deficiency significantly inhibits the translocation of calcium and its distribution inside the plant. In addition, it causes abnormal changes in the metabolism of the cell, since both elements are responsible for the structure of cell walls and membranes.

GREEN CALCIO ZINC prevents and corrects zinc deficiency states. It avoids the reduction of the size of the leaf, the internerval chlorosis and the diminution of the growth of the plant. Together, it lowers the stress suffered by the plant due to low temperatures.

Likewise, the amino acid content of GREEN CALCIO ZINC improves the absorption of nutrients and in addition, provides an extra energetic supply for your crops.

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  • Greater assimilation and mobility of calcium.

  • Increases the content of nutrients in the fruit.

  • Increases the firmness of the fruit, increasing the quality and post-harvest properties.

  • Strengthens the structure of the cell wall.