NON SAL is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution based on calcium and magnesium.

NON SAL is a conditioner of saline and sodic-saline soils. Its use is recommended for soils with salinity problems caused by their own edaphic characteristics or by the quality of the irrigation water. With its application, the exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) is reduced to levels the crops can tolerate. This is achieved by replacing calcium for the sodium absorbed in the exchange complex. Moreover, sulphur combines with sodium in chemical oxidations resulting in highly-soluble sodium sulphate that can be easily washed away from the radicular bulb area.

NON SAL increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC). It therefore improves the structure of the soil and favours roots conditioning and nutrients absorption.

NON SAL is a fertilizer that modifies the electric conductivity of the soils in order to provide the optimal conductivity for the development of the crop. It improves the edaphic characteristics, thus favouring radicular development and nutrients absorption.

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  • Reduces the concentration of sodium in the root zone.

  • Improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

  • Decreases the electrical conductivity of the ground.

  • It improves the availability of water and the aeration of the land.