MAX ORGANIC is a highly concentrated liquid solution made from humic and fulvic acids with nitrogen, potassium, manganese and zinc.

MAX ORGANIC increases the soil’s cation exchange capacity by incorporating organic matter into it. It reduces soil erosion, improves its water-holding capacity and facilitates the respiration of micro-organisms. It reduces blockages and antagonisms between different nutritive elements.

MAX ORGANIC improves the physical, chemical and the biological characteristics of the soil which increases its fertility. At the same time, it enhances the development of the roots and increases it exploration´s capacity. In conclusion, with the use of MAX ORGANIC, a soil of greater fertility and a plant with a root system capable of taking advantage of all the available resources are achieved. As a result, a higher quality crop is obtained.

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  • Increases the organic matter content of our soil.

  • It improves soil structure.

  • Enhances root development.

  • Improves the availability of resources.