GREEN HÚMICO-21 is humic acid that comes from leonardite. It is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution made from humic and fulvic acids.

GREEN HÚMICO-21 improves nitrogen use and fixing capacity of the soil. The equilibrium between humic and fulvic acids increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC), which favours the release of the nutrients of the soil.

GREEN HÚMICO-21  improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. It boosts the development of roots, which allows for a better use of available resources. It balances the pH of the soil, thus favouring the absorption of nutrients. GREEN HÚMICO-21 produces larger, prime-quality yield.

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  • Greater capacity for fixing and using nitrogen from the soil.

  • It improves the physical-chemical and biological properties of the soil.

  • Increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC).

  • Helps correct soil acidity.