BUFALO is an organic amendment. It is a liquid solution, with high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids. It is an ecological fertilizer obtained by burning different types of wood.

BUFALO provides the soil with high levels of organic matter. By adding humic acids, it improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. Their chelating action improves the availability of micronutrients for the plants. Fulvic acids are rapidly absorbed and they prevent the appearance of phytotoxicity. Both humic and fulvic acids increase the cation exchange capacity (CEC) and release the nutrients of the soil, which leads to their better availability and use.

BUFALO improves edaphic conditions, boosts the development of roots and favours the availability of nutrients. Moreover, it stimulates the enzymatic system of the plant, facilitating its breathing. Consequently, metabolism is activated and the result is a prime-quality, high-yield harvest.

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  • Improves the structure of the soil.

  • Instantly increases nutrient absorption.

  • It helps to correct the alkalinity of the soil.

  • It enhances the action of the applied fertilizers.

  • Increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC).