STOP SAL is a fast-acting conditioner of saline and sodic-saline soils. It is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution. It solubilizes the calcium, magnesium and sodium of the soil.

STOP SAL favours the release of insoluble calcium and it increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC). It improves soil conductivity and texture, facilitating its oxygenation and water-retention capacity. Calcium and magnesium replace sodium in the mycelia, so that the latter can be carried away by rain and irrigation. As a consequence, it favours the expansion of the roots and the release of macro and micronutrients, thus creating a biologically-suitable environment for crops.

is an excellent soil conditioner. It prevents soil degradation and favours roots conditioning and nutrients absorption.

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  • Reduce the EC of your soil.

  • Increases the assimilation of cations.

  • Decrease excess sodium in your soil.

  • Improve photosynthetic processes.