FITASIO is a highly concentrated solution made from phosphorus and potassium.
The phosphite ion induces the synthesis of phytoalexins that confers to the plant a greater resistance against possible diseases caused by fungi (Phytophthora spp.) and bacteria.

It strengthens the stem and the roots, so the damages caused by pathogens are lower. It also prevents the rotting in high humidity conditions.
Potassium intervenes in the water regulation mechanisms of the plant, in the formation of proteins and in the synthesis of carbohydrates (starch and cellulose). It serves as an activator in the processes of cellular respiration and enables the active formation of many enzymes involved in metabolic processes. Moreover, it also regulates the transportation of products derived from the photosynthesis by phloem. It enhances the resistance of the plant to drought, frosts and fungal diseases by increasing the mechanical resistance of the stems and by strengthening the root system. It also participates in the development and ripening process of the fruits.
FITASIO is a fertilizer that promotes the natural defenses of the plant which strengthens its resistance against diseases.

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  • Activates the plant’s natural defense system.

  • It promotes the synthesis of phytoalexins.

  • Prevents the outbreak of fungal and bacterial diseases.

  • Increases the osmotic capacity of the plant.

  • Increases resistance against adverse weather conditions.