PHOSMAGNESIO is a NP solution, enriched with magnesium, where phosphorus is presented as phosphite.

Phosphite ion favours phytoalexins synthesis and has antifungal properties. Nitrogen boosts the development of the plant. Magnesium favours CO2 assimilation, P absorption and sugars production.
PHOSMAGNESIO strengthens the plants’ natural defenses, making them more resistant to adverse nutritional, environmental and pathologic conditions. It stimulates photosynthesis. It boosts strength, vegetative growth, flowering and fruition. It protects crops from possible rotting in high-humidity conditions. With PHOSMAGNESIO, the crop is ready to face any possible threat, which is then reflected in a high yield.

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  • Activates the plant’s natural defense system.

  • It promotes the creation of phytoalexins.

  • Prevents the outbreak of fungal and bacterial diseases.

  • Essential in the synthesis of proteins and chlorophyll.

  • Photosynthetic activator.