PHOSCUPRICO is a solution made from nitrogen, phosphorus and copper, in which the phosphorus is in the form of phosphite.

The phosphite ion promotes the synthesis of phytoalexins and has antifungal power. The copper is involved in the chlorophyll synthesis and in the cellular respiration of the plants. Participates in the synthesis of lignin (constituent of cell walls) and in many enzymatic processes.
PHOSCUPRICO is a bactericide and fungicide that stimulates the natural defenses of plants. In this manner, it increases the resistance of plants to environmental, nutritional and/or pathological critical situations. In addition, this fertilizer favours vegetative growth. With PHOSCUPRICO, the crop is prepared for any possible threat, eventually resulting in a high yield.

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  • Activates the plant’s natural defense system.

  • It promotes the creation of phytoalexins.

  • Prevents the outbreak of fungal and bacterial diseases.

  • Highly effective due to its antimicrobial power.

  • Actively participates in the creation of lignin.