NUTRIMAZIN MAX is a formula made from manganese and zinc. It is presented in the form of microgranules.

NUTRIMAZIN MAX makes up for manganese and zinc deficiencies, providing instantaneous results due to the fact that it is easily absorbed by the plant. It favours photosynthesis, protein synthesis and the different breathing mechanisms of the plant. It also boosts vegetative growth of the crops.

increases flowering and stimulates nitrogen mobility, thus favouring better-quality pollen. It also favours fruit setting. With NUTRIMAZIN MAX, the nutritional state of the plants is optimal, increasing the quantity and quality of the final harvest.

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  • Efficient in the prevention and treatment of iron, manganese and zinc deficiencies.

  • Stable in a wide pH range.

  • It stimulates plant growth and development.

  • Participates in the synthesis of chloroplasts.

  • It intervenes in the synthesis of chlorophyll and stimulates photosynthesis.