NUTRIMOB is a formula made from phosphorus, boron and molybdenum. It is presented as a solid mixture.

NUTRIMOB prevents and makes up for deficiencies caused by lack or unbalanced assimilation of P, B and/or Mo. It facilitates sugars transportation and stimulates the apical meristem development and the general growth of the plant. It favours nitrogen mobility, thus improving the synthesis of vitamins that are essential in fruit setting. It induces and boosts flowering, thus producing better-quality pollen. As a consequence, fruit setting grows.

is a fertilizer that improves the general state of the plant, stimulates the flowering process and favours fruit setting due to the increase in the amount and quality of the pollen. In short,

NUTRIMOB increases fruition, which is then translated as a higher yield.

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  • Flow inducer and improver.

  • It stimulates the mobility of nitrogen in the plant to generate a higher quality pollen.

  • Essential for the formation of amino acids.

  • It increases fruit setting.