CUPRIC QUELAT is a chelated copper in EDTA form. It is presented as microgranules.

CUPRIC QUELAT is recommended for preventing and improving copper deficiencies. The Cu it provides is fully chelated, so its absorption is faster and more efficient and its release is slower and longer-lasting. Moreover, it is stable within a wide range of pH and it is also soluble (instant and complete solubility in all types of water).

CUPRIC QUELAT activates several enzymes that participate in the stabilization of the chlorophyll formation process, in protein metabolism and in symbiotic atmospheric nitrogen fixation. It favours Cu movements and, therefore, its integration in the plant’s metabolism.

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  • Prevents and corrects copper deficiency states.

  • Avoid blockages caused by antagonist nutrients.

  • Takes part in the synthesis of chlorophyll.

  • Actively participates in the synthesis of lignin.