ABAXO FERRO is a microgranulated fertilizer made from chelated iron with ethylenediamine acid (hydroxyphenylacetic acid) (EDDHA) which contains 4,2 % chelated iron in orto-orto position.

In this way, three releases of Fe are supplied to the plant in time of higher need. In addition, it is characterized for being totally soluble.

The Iron is essential in the biochemical processes of the plants such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, metabolism of carbohydrates, reduction of nitrogen and formation of enzymes.

ABAXO FERRO is a fertilizer readily absorbable by the plant even in adverse conditions of pH, both in water and in soil. Its application prevents and corrects states of iron deficiency in any crops which present iron chlorosis.

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  • Prevents and corrects iron deficiency states.

  • Essential in processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

  • Stable in a wide pH range.

  • Avoid blockages caused by antagonists.