BOR is a mixture based on boron complexed by ethanolamine. It is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution. It is a boron deficiency corrector specially formulated to prevent and correct deficiency state of the said nutrient.

Boron is a micronutrient that plays an important and essential role in the plant’s growth. It participates in the metabolism of nucleic acids and carbohydrates. It favours water and cations absorption. It also participates in the absorption of phosphorus and the synthesis of B-complex vitamins of the plants.

BOR favours flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruiting. It can be obtained plants which are more resistant to adverse environments. Consequently, the application of BOR improves the general state of the plant and favours several metabolic processes, thus producing a larger, prime-quality yield.

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  • Helps synthesize sucrose and starch.

  • Easier calcium fixation, participating in the formation of cell walls.

  • It makes better fruit setting, helping in the processes of transport of sugars.

  • Involved in the metabolism of auxins.