MOLIBCUAJE is a liquid solution which is highly concentrated in molybdenum and enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus.

Molybdenum participates in the synthesis and activation of enzymes that are essential in the nitrogen cycle. Insufficient amounts of this nutrient paralyze the production of vitamins such as ascorbic acid (essential in the setting process) and inhibit the formation of chlorophyll.

MOLIBCUAJE guarantees optimal nitrate metabolism and nitrogen movements, which improve the quality and quantity of pollen. It favours flower formation as it participates in cell division and cellular expansion. It speeds up the translocation processes of photoassimilates of endogenous hormones and exogenous agrichemicals. Therefore, MOLIBCUAJE is a highly-efficient product for the setting process.

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  • Stimulator of the flowering stage of the crops.
  • It stimulates the mobility of nitrogen in the plant to generate a higher quality pollen.

  • It improves fruit setting.

  • Essential for the synthesis of amino acids.