ENERGYSOIL produces an extra of vitality since it provides the essential elements for the development of the crop and prevents the plant from having to synthesize them.

ENERGYSOIL covers the nutritional needs of our crops as it provides an essential balance of micronutrients that prevents and corrects the appearance of nutritional deficiencies.

ENERGYSOIL has elements that contribute to the quick absorption and assimilation of nutrients. In addition, it contributes to an increase in enzymatic activity and improves the physical, chemical, and biological properties of our soils.

Also, it lowers stress and guarantees a rapid response of the plant to stress caused by lack of water, extreme temperatures, excessive light radiation, and salinity.

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  • Extra energy supply.
  • Covers the nutritional needs of crops.
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Increases enzyme activity.
  • Reduces abiotic stress.