AMINOGREEN K enhances the metabolic processes that favor the accumulation of reserves, improving the quality and weight of grains, fruits and tubers. Likewise, it provides more color in fruits, higher fat content, larger caliber and earliness of the same, finally achieving an increase in production.

AMINOGREEN K improves nutritional efficiency by acting on the plant and the rhizosphere, and provides biostimulation and an anti-stress effect, which strengthens the crop in stressful situations caused by lack of water, extreme temperatures or physiological alterations.

AMINOGREEN K also helps prevent potassium deficiencies, and decreases vegetative perspiration, by regulating osmotic pressure and maintaining cell turgor.

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  • Increases resistance to stress.

  • Avoid excessive consumption of energy and reserves.

  • It favors the osmotic regulation of crops.

  • Increases the quality and productivity of crops.