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Foliar Fertilizers

FOLIGREEN 12 - 12 - 36
Potassium rich foliar fertilizer - EC FERTILIZER

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Guarenteed Nutrients
Total nitrogen (N): 12,0 % w/w.
Nitric nitrogen (NO3-): 5,4 % w/w.
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+): 6,6 % w/w.
Phosphorus (P2O5): 12,0 % w/w, soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water.
Potassium (K2O): 36,0 % w/w.
Iron (Fe): 0,21 % w/w.
Manganese (Mn): 0,1 % w/w.
Zinc (Zn): 0,02 % w/w.
Copper (Cu): 0,01 % w/w.
Boron (B): 0,02% w/w, in mineral form.
Molybdenum (Mo): 0,01% w/w, in mineral form.

Chelating agent:
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Agricultural Effects
FOLIGREEN 12-12-36 is a NPK fertilizer, with a high concentration of potassium. It is enriched with boron and molybdenum in mineral form and with iron, manganese, zinc and copper that are chelated with the disodium salt of the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). It is a soluble formula for foliar application.
FOLIGREEN 12-12-36 is recommended for fruit fattening, development or ripening periods, due to its high concentration of potassium. It increases yield and improves the quality, colour and aspect of the crop. It is a fertilizer that is easily absorbed and immediately metabolized by the plant, thus providing fast and effective results. The supply of potassium it provides favours water regulation mechanisms, participates in the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and enables the active form of many enzymes that take part in several metabolic processes. Moreover, it boosts the radicular system and the mechanical resistance of the stems.
FOLIGREEN 12-12-36 is a fertilizer enriched with micronutrients, which improves the general nutritional state of the plant. Moreover, its special formula favours stomas dilatation and, as a consequence, the adhesion and penetration of the product through the leaves. Furthermore, the addition of DMSO facilitates vegetal tissue healing.

Dosage and Applications
Foliar application:

Citrus and fruit trees:
350-450 g/hl, according to needs.
Vegetables: 250-450 g/hl, according to needs.
Flowers and ornamental plants: 200-350 g/hl, according to needs.
Herbaceous and woody crops: 400-500 g/hl, according to needs.

FOLIGREEN 12-12-36 is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products.
Maintain out of the reach of children.
Maintain away from foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed.

1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg containers.

FOLIGREEN 10-40-10
FOLIGREEN 12-12-36
FOLIGREEN 19-19-19
FOLIGREEN 24-12-12


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