FOLIGREEN 24 – 12 – 12

FOLIGREEN 24-12-12 is a NPK fertilizer, with a high concentration of nitrogen. It is enriched with boron and molybdenum in mineral form and with iron, manganese, zinc and copper that are chelated with the disodium salt of the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). It is a soluble formula for foliar application.

FOLIGREEN 24-12-12 is recommended for stress situations and intense vegetative development moments. It gives the plant vitality, efficiency and strength. It is a fertilizer that is easily absorbed and immediately metabolized by the plant, thus providing fast and effective results. It is nitrogen supply favours rapid vegetative growth, because it participates in several metabolic processes (synthesis of proteins, vitamins, chlorophyll, auxins, etc).

FOLIGREEN 24-12-12
is a fertilizer enriched with micronutrients, which improves the general nutritional state of the plant. Moreover, its special formula favours stomas dilatation and, as a consequence, the adhesion and penetration of the product through the leaves. Furthermore, the addition of DMSO facilitates vegetal tissue healing.

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  • Specifically designed for foliar application.

  • Essential for the creation of amino acids and proteins.

  • Fully indicated for the vegetative stage of the crop.

  • Promotes the growth of the plant.