GREEN K is a liquid solution which is highly concentrated in potassium and enriched with nitrogen.

Potassium boosts photosynthesis and participates in the water regulation mechanisms of the plant. It is also an essential nutrient in the production of proteins and the synthesis of carbohydrates. It activates cellular breathing processes.

GREEN K makes up for potassium deficiencies and boosts the plant’s resistance to stress situations. It participates in the fruit filling and ripening, activating certain growth enzymes. It increases the levels of sugars and favours the absorption of calcium and magnesium. The result of applying GREEN K is a harvest with bigger, better looking and more homogeneous fruits.

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  • Increases the density of the fruit.

  • Improves the organoleptic properties.

  • Prevents and corrects potassium deficiency states.

  • Avoid antagonism of other cations.