DIAMANT 18-18-18 is a soluble fertilizer NPK applied in fertigation, in the form of soluble crystals, enriched with organic matter. Its balance makes it special for the moments of greatest biological activity.

Your input of organic matter makes several weeks prolong its effect. Used as a complement to the fertilization of crops and special fund in times of increased activity of the culture, in active growth, fruiting and fruit fattening.

The nitrogen combined with carbohydrates is the lignin of the cell walls is part of the energy system of the plant and is involved in the synthesis of vitamins and auxin. Phosphorus makes the transfer of energy from the whole plant, is essential in seed formation, stimulates root growth, improves the firmness of the ground and accentuates the characteristics organoleptic fruit.

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  • Especially designed to be applied by fertigation.

  • Fully balanced product to meet the needs of the crop.

  • Useful in all stages of crops.

  • Ensures the correct physiological development of the crop.