QUANTUM improves fruit filling and fattening and enhances protein and starch synthesis (increase in ºBrix), increasing crop yields. Likewise, it favors the ripening of the fruits by highlighting their color and lengthening their postharvest life.

QUANTUM is a product designed to improve the organoleptic qualities, thus allowing our fruits to achieve higher quality.

QUANTUM performs as an activator in cellular respiration processes and enables the active synthesis of several enzymes. It regulates the transport of the products resulting from photosynthesis through the phloem and their distribution to the plant organs. Consequently, the results of its application are more obvious in the state of greater vegetative development or stress. In addition, it is easily absorbed by the plant and it is able to metabolize it immediately.


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  • Improves filling, achieving a larger calibre.

  • Rises the brix degrees in the fruits.

  • Increases the quality of the fruits.

  • Produces greater homogeneity at harvest.

  • Increases the longevity of the fruit.