AMINOGREEN 24 is an amino acids solution, enriched with nitrogen. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.

AMINOGREEN 24 facilitates the normal development of the crop, specially at the beginning of critical phases, as well as its recovery after stress situations. It favours growth, flowering and fruit setting and ripening. It increases the photosynthetic potential of the plant, which is then translated as better-quality fruits.

AMINOGREEN 24 is a fertilizer that is rapidly absorbed and immediately metabolized by the plant. It acts as a micronutrients transportation and complexing agent. It is a strengthening biostimulant, specially recommended for critical or stressing periods or moments.

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  • It mediates in fundamental physiological processes, from flower setting and senescence to fruit ripening.

  • Essential for pollination.

  • They increase the germination of pollen and the length of the pollen tube.

  • Induces the synthesis of hormones essential for the formation of flowers and fruits.