AMINOGREEN FLOWER is a fertilizer that is obtained by vegetal proteins hydrolysis. It is enriched with macronutrients (N, P, K), micronutrients (B, Mo) and biostimulant factors.

AMINOGREEN FLOWER favours vegetative growth while inducing fruition, flowering and fruit fattening. It revitalizes the flower, allowing a greater air circulation between the petals and contributing to a more efficient transfer of pollen. Consequently, the percentage of fruit setting increases, together with its quality. As a result, the number and caliber of fruits to harvest is higher. Moreover, this fertilizer stimulates the physiological development of crops after an inactivity period.

AMINOGREEN FLOWER acts specially in flowering and fruit setting and increases yield and its quality. In conclusion, it has a positive effect on the productivity of the crop.

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  • It supports cell division and elongation.

  • It induces the flowering of the crop.

  • Enhances the quality of pollen.

  • Promotes the formation of high-quality fruits.