AMINOGREEN 9 is a bioestimulant made from amino acids of vegetable origin. These amino acids are obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis which belongs to the group of hydrolases.

With AMINOGREEN 9, the plant receives the needed amino acids which make it unnecessary the use of additional energy for amino acids biosynthesis.

In this way, the response of the plant to foliar application is immediate. The results of root application are also excellent.

AMINOGREEN 9 promotes the development of the crops through the stimulation of the physiological functions of the plants (sprouting, flowering, and setting). It increases the caliber of the fruits, hence, obtaining a higher quality crop. It advances the harvest that facilitates the introduction of the products into less saturated markets.

AMINOGREEN 9 is a fertilizer which improves the crop even in stressful situations (plagues, frosts, drought, etc.) Moreover, it forms a permeable film that protects the cutaneous surface of the plant, acting as a support to pesticides which are applied on it. As a result, the productive performance of the crops increases after applying AMINOGREEN 9 .

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  • Essential in the process of chlorophyll synthesis.

  • Contributes to resistance mechanisms by osmotic regulations.

  • Protects the crop against stress situations.

  • Maintains photosynthetic activity in adverse weather situations.