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agri nova fertilizantes

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AGRI nova specializes in research, manufacturing and distribution of plant nutrition products.

Since 1986 AGRI nova has striven to provide farmers with superior quality products. Thanks to these efforts, farmers have benefited from our high quality products and growers from more than twenty countries have managed successfully to increase productivity on their farms.

One of the cornerstones of the company’s success is research. Thanks to its R+D+i AGRI nova Science has adapted its products to meet the needs of farmers and thus offer a superior service.

Much of the success of AGRI nova products stems from our Total Quality System which aims not only for high quality products but also for comprehensive controls that have to be passed daily.

Since AGRI nova was founded, the company has prided itself on its respect for the environment and to this end its operations are regularly audited by independent experts to ensure it meets its own environmental targets.


AGRI nova’s mission is to research and create products from which farmers can gain the maximum return for their farms.

AGRI nova vision is to be perceived as one of the leading companies in the plant nutrition sector, not only for its final customers but also for their suppliers and distributors.

VALUES, guiding principles and practices at AGRI nova Science are:

  • Excellence: the aim of AGRI nova Science is excellence in every way.
  • Innovation: through our chemical department, we seek daily to innovate and improve.
  • Trust: much of the success of AGRI nova Science lies in mutual trust with its customers, distributors and all employees
  • Adaptation: thanks to the constant effort AGRI nova Science has adapted to the situation of each of its customers and offers a customized service.
  • Leadership: people feel inspired every day to give the best out of themselves.
  • Products: environmentally friendly and ensure food security.
  • Social responsibility: we help producing more food to cover the growing nutritional needs of the population.
  • Pollution prevention through continuous improvement of the management of packaging put on the market, waste, as well as atmospheric emissions.
  • Enforcement of compliance with legal requirements and those who subscribe AGRI Science nova.
  • Continuous improvement of quality management and environmental.

Chief Executive Officer, 3/7/2017

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AGRI nova Science, S.A.
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