MEGATRON is an amino acids solution, obtained by nitrogen and vegetal proteins hydrolysis. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.

MEGATRON is a fertilizer that is rapidly absorbed and which produces in the plant an intense vegetative reaction, thus reducing its energy use. It balances nutrition, by favouring the absorption of micronutrients. It increases the incorporation of nitrogen in proteins; consequently, it boosts the efficiency of fertilizers and reduces the risk of nitrates build-up in the leaves. Its application favours rooting, flowering, fruit setting and ripening and the general development of the plant.

MEGATRON is a bioactivator that improves the biological efficiency of crops, increasing the yield and its quality. Thanks to its translaminar and adhesive properties, it acts instantaneously. It stimulates the crop even under stress and vegetative exhaustion situations. It is a manure that acts synergically with the products it is mixed with, as it favours their absorption and penetration.

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  • It stimulates the crop even in situations of stress and vegetative demand.

  • Improves the assimilation of nutrients.

  • It promotes plant growth and fruit quality.

  • Essential for synthesis of plant tissue.