AMINOGREEN PLUS  is a formula made from amino acids, nitrogen and special biostimulants. It is presented as a highly-concentrated liquid solution.

AMINOGREEN PLUS boosts enzymatic activity and stimulates the biochemical processes of the plant. It favours the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates. It participates in the synthesis of vitamins and auxins involved in the maintenance of cell activity and growth. It boosts the development of the crop, specially at the beginning of critical phases. It also favours the recovery of the crop after adverse conditions. It optimizes the photosynthesis process and intensifies the growth of the radicular system. It increases the number of secondary stems. It provides synergistic effects as it can interact with other fertilizers.

AMINOGREEN PLUS lengthens the production period of the crop. It also increases the volume and quality of the yield. It brings flowering forward, improves fruit setting and favours uniform ripening. In short, its application provides an increased, better-quality yield, which may be placed in less saturated markets at higher prices.

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  • It produces a more vigorous vegetative development.

  • Increases the yield and quality of the harvest.

  • Improves the uniformity, weight, and consistency of the fruits.

  • It increases the length of the pollen tube of the pollen grain, increasing its fertility.